In 2020, Landstar independent BCOs saved millions of dollars using LCAPP! The LCAPP is a program which offers discounts to drivers to help them with products and services at a lower, more affordable cost.

What does LCAPP stand for?

Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchasing Program

What are the benefits of LCAPP?

LCAPP offers third-party discounts on fuel, tires, equipment and other additional savings. LCAPP frequently adds new products and services to the variety of benefits it already offers.

Who can benefit from the LCAPP Savings?

Landstar Business Capacity Owners (BCO)

What are the 2020 LCAPP stats?

Items 2020
Tires bought 37,270
Fuel Savings $62,000,000*

*Every Landstar BCO saves $50 to $100 or more off typical retail pricing of tires when they purchase through LCAPP.

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