Meet Linda Janzen – FWO Transportation Manager

Ms. Linda Janzen has been working with FWF Logistics – Independent Agency for Landstar for over 9 years. She is one of our Top Account Manager. Since joining the agency, Ms. Linda has been the Transportation Manager at the FWO Office in Ontario, Canada. Ms. Linda over the years has gained many experiences in logistics and the supply chain industry.

Her passion for the freight and transportation industry has not only helped to build her career but in addition, Ms. Linda has made several contributions to the FWF Logistics Team. She has given several logistical trainings and have written the logistics training manuals; a truly ambitious professional.

A Word from Ms. Linda Janzen

” I specialize in the big bad and ugly loads!  This includes ensuring permits, escorts, police, etc. are all in placed so these complex loads can be moved as smooth as possible.  I also move the everyday loads which includes the use of Van, Flat-Beds and Expedited Freights from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico.

As a Certified Rail Agent, I have the capability of moving rail freight across Canada, the USA and Mexico. If you or your company require movement of any shape or size, I am a one stop carrier with no in between broker. I ensure that your product is delivered in a prompt and professional manner. My office is available 24/7 and we take pride in our honesty and integrity; it’s what we have always thrived for!”

-Linda Janzen

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