Here at FWF Logistics – Landstar Agent, we take pride in our safety measures. We have the industry’s safest truck operators. We know that safety should always come first; it not only reduces potential freight damages, but most importantly, it saves lives.


Landstar has in place a very strict owner-operator qualification requirement. To begin with, we have safety orientation and ongoing training opportunities for both agents and owner-operators. In addition, the Landstar Safety Officers (LSO) are designated to every independent agency like FWF Logistics LLC, to ensure that we get the support that we need when it comes to safety education, training and awareness. LSO is the customer’s point of contact at the independent Landstar agency for safety-related questions. Supporting customers with Landstar’s safety efforts is what LSOs do best. They go above and beyond to promote safety.

At our convenience, we have the monthly Safety Thursday conference calls which bring together employees, agents, owner-operators, customers, etc. to discuss safety practices. Both LSO and drivers have been awarded in recognition for a job well done when it comes to safety, this includes zero preventable accidents and cargo claims.


Landstar has been taking proactive measures and updating the company’s emergency and business continuity plans in respect to the unforeseen COVID-19 (coronavirus) so to help minimize the risks while consistently providing the service excellence for our loyal customers. To conclude, we will continue to take its safety-first culture seriously to ensure that safety is practiced across all our networks!